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Ben Byington

Ben or “Benny B” as many know him, is the founder of Sandusky Salvage and Design. An entrepreneur at heart, Ben owns and operates his flagship barbershop and invests in various real estate in and around Sandusky, Ohio.

Hard work and creativity seem to just come natural for Ben. If it is dusty and dirty, he see’s elegance and treasure. From old doors and windows to fireplaces and stone, Ben will uncover it, clean it, restore it and turn it into something everyone will love.

Heather Byington

Heather very well could be Sandusky Salvage and Design’s secret weapon. Heather’s sense of interior design, is second to none. She envisions a dream, plots our her thoughts and together her and Ben work their magic. Where you see a plain room, Heather see’s a wall of old doors with multiple colors and textures brightened by custom lighting fashioned from old boat propellers or street lights. When it comes to salvaged and reclaimed interior design, Heather knows exactly what to do.

Ryan Brownell

Ryan is one of the area's most experienced wedding photographers. As being part of hundreds of weddings, he has seen first hand of what works and what doesn't when planning a wedding. What sets Ryan apart is his desire to make sure that not only do the bride and groom REALLY enjoy their day at Patina Creek, he will think of even the smallest details to ease the mind of the couple so that they can rest assured that this is one of the best days of their lives. 

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